About Alltrack Rail Services

Who we are

Alltrack Rail is a leading Australian purveyor of railway locomotives, rolling stock and associated rail maintenance parts and plant.  We also source new and used railway perway materials such as rails, sleepers, turnout components and fastenings.

Based in the NSW Hunter Valley and owned and managed by rail industry veteran, Robert Taylor, we boast an impressive list of clients including major maintenance providers, rail track operators, major construction firms, contracting businesses and key individuals in the Railway industry.

We have over 40 years’ experience in the rail sector working both in Australia and overseas. Our wealth of knowledge and industry specific experience is almost unsurpassed. We have an exceptional list of contacts within the world wide railway construction and maintenance industry.

We have a reputation for spotting the opportunity and closing the best possible deal for our customers.

Separate to the procurement business, Bob’s vast experience allows him to also serve as a Site Manager, Project Manager or site-based Client Representative (Superintendent role).

Whether it concerns sourcing the best possible new or used plant and equipment or you need a wise and experienced consultant or site manager, Alltrack Rail can assist.

Why we’re in business

We started our business over 20 years ago as a conduit to secure new and used railway maintenance plant, used locomotives and pre-used railway materials.

We saw a real need for Rail Company Executives and Plant Managers in the rail sector to have a reliable, reputable, affordable option when it comes to sourcing goods, especially from Asia, Europe and North America.

Our knowledge and understanding of plant and materials available is enhanced by our network of contacts garnered over 40 years in the industry.

We have had a long exposure to plant and equipment in the rail sector on the very rare occasion we haven’t had experience with a specific model, part or fixture we will work our network to find out what is available and ensure our customer is briefed in an accurate and timely manner.

With our experience in the railway construction and maintenance industry we are able to offer site management services to our customers who may be looking for short term site management support.

Why we’re different

  1. Knowledge of customers and vendors
  2. Knowledge of the products being offered – quality, reliability and compatible
  3. Knowledge of the procurement and disposal systems of agencies within Australia
  4. Understanding of customers’ requirements
  5. Willingness to see that the customer achieves the best economic outcome